Networking 101: How To Network Online & Still Be Personable


As bloggers, a lot of our networking is seen to be done offline, at various events we might attend.  But we also do a lot of networking online as well, and it makes sense because our business of blogging is...well...done all online, and while we may just be browsing through a Facebook group or accepting new followers on Facebook or Twitter, we're actually networking.  So how can one still be personable, giving off your brand's personality, in a virtual world where any and everyone can seem robotic?


This is something that not only is great for networking, but great for your social media stats as well.  It's not enough to just like someone's Facebook page or Instagram account because without the interaction you end up as a "ghost follower".  I know that it can be hard keeping up with everyone that you do follow, but it's easy to send a quick comment or a like when something pops up on your timeline.  And something I just found out was if you don't interact with a particular person's Facebook page, your like is removed.  Facebook is now striving to be more about interaction than likes, and if they see you liking pages more than interacting with those pages, than those likes are deleted from said page, yea crazy I know!  So again, a quick comment or convo takes less than 5 minutes and instantly you don't seem non existent.

Don't be the begging blogger

We all know that one blogger who loves asking for help, whether it's participation in a giveaway or likes on a new post, but can never return the favor.  I've posted about this before and I'll say it again, it's rude.  Interaction and networking take two, because essentially it is a relationship, so if you want to get some you gotta be willing to give some!

Don't be afraid to go beyond the blogging world

Now what I mean by this is, don't be afraid of connecting with a few people outside of the blogging world, because it can turn out that you'll become the best of friends or can use each other as resources in different ventures you might have going on.  If anyone requests me on Facebook I would gladly accept, if you shoot me a Facebook message I'll respond, if you want to text me, I'll give you my number.  For me, I don't like those fake relationships, and I think when it comes to being personable, you should present yourself in a manner where someone would want to get to know you on many different levels, not just one.

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