Print Your Clothes?

While 3D printing technology is not new, it is new to the world of fashion and beauty. The technology itself dates back to 1984 and allows you to create a 3 dimensional object from a digital file. One of the first companies to print 3D clothing was ContinuumTaking a peek at their website I was amazed. They showcase very interesting and innovative designs. Here is one of their 3D shoe designs. Quite nifty and very modern. 

3D printing

Beauty and 3D brings Grace Choi to mind. She invented the Mink 3D, a makeup printer. This allows you to print makeup such as eyeshadow using powder and special ink. The machine is priced well enough that I would consider purchasing it. It’s under $300 and I would LOVE to get my hands on one. A step further is the MODA, a digital MUA, that prints makeup on your face! 
The ability to print makeup from home or have it applied directly with a digital makeup artist would open the door for regular chicks like me who aren’t crushing the makeup game to step it up a notch. 

3D printers are available for personal use. Cubify has printers that are available for personal use that start around $1300.  They also sell 3D printed fashions.  In their store you will find many things from jewelry to picture frames. Plastic like fibers are used to create these 3D fashions. A new textile was developed called TPU 92A-1 that is flexible and durable enough to print fashions. 
However it’s not quite that simple, at least not yet.   

The application of this technology in the fashion industry is clear. Designers have clothing, shoes, jewelry, and even home d├ęcor being printed using 3D technology. The beauty industry has the potential to follow suit as well. Once these 3D printers reach the masses, 3D printing will become the norm. Right now this technology is in the early stages and is making waves on the scene. It will be great to watch as this technology continues to evolve the world of beauty and fashion. 
Imagine being able to print the latest fashions from the comfort of your own home. Tailored to your size and colored to your liking! Could I actually make a foundation that matches my skin tone 100%? For that alone I would invest in a Mink! Let’s not forget about lippies and eyeshadows. 
The fashion and beauty industry is undergoing a revolution and we have a front row view

Do you see use for this technology in your personal life? 

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