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I am not much of an accessories girl. When it comes to my outfits, I like to keep things simple and less complicated. Especially during the Spring/Summer months; the less, the better. Spring/Summer happens to be my favorite time of the year but I can't seem to get away from this past Fall/Winter looks for some reason. Coats just happen to be the best statement accessory for me at the moment. It seems like I've found the perfect solution for my current need for coats...THE SLEEVELESS DUSTER COAT

The easy and breezy look of a maxi-flowy-cardigan-like-chiffon coat, makes for such a modern and updated look that I love! One of my favorite style inspirations, Kim Kardashian, can almost always be seen wearing a Duster Coat. I am certain to be purchasing many of these and adding them to my wardrobe this season. They're the perfect grab and go piece that can take any outfit and make it more contemporary and interesting. 
Styles of the Sleeveless Duster Coat range greatly and can be a perfect fit for anyone's style. They can also be paired with literally anything and everything. From midi-length dresses, a-line skirts, or even a top and skinny jeans, the pairing options are endless. My favorite picks are anything in a neutral color; white, nude, blush, ivory, khaki, and gray. 

Check out my picks and click the links to be directed to the items. Which is your favorite?
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