VMAS: Epic Ass Fail


OHHH MY GOD, was anyone else just cringing through the VMA's like I was?  15 minute crackhead ranting, shitty performances, and not to mention a hood ass Nicki Minaj calling out Miley, the VMA's was probably a fail in more ways than one, but for me I was highly irked at the red carpet outfit choices.  The host herself was probably at the top of my
OH HELLLLL NAWWWWWWWW list (peep homeboy's reaction below).

Her outfits consisted much of a whimiscal nature but were poorly executed, and in my opinion being her first award show to have hosted, I'm not sure if she'll be allowed to host anymore.  

With Kim Kardashian, pregnancy does not suit her well.  I take that back, it's the outfit choices she makes while she's pregnant that don't suit her well, like my god what the hell is going on with that dress? I am having a Met Gala flashback all over again.  And Kayne never fails to give the same stale face, would a smile kill ya?
kim kardashian
And ironically, on the other side of the red carpet were the Kardashian clan enemies, better known as Black Chyna and Amber Rose.  First off, who is watching Black Chyna's baby? Considering Tyga was also at the show (probably with Kylie) I think I need to make a call to DFS...but I digress.  I actually support the project behind Amber and Chyna's outfits, breaking down stereotypes, but just like with Miley's outfit, poor execution was the downfall here.  It looks real tacky, too skin tight, and all them bright ass colors are given me a headache, not to mention all you can really focus on is Chyna's fake ass & breasts which defeats the purpose...right (she's a stripper if you didn't know)?


All in all, I was able to find some stunning ensembles from the night that I loved, including Taylor Swift and her girl gang consisting of her bff Karlie Kloss and Gigi Hadid but my two favorite looks of the night we're Keltie Knight and Fka Twigs.  Keltie's outfit is so giving me vintage 70's mod but it's the much needed elegance that this red carpet was yearning for, where as Fka's outfit was bold and daring as always but she was the only person able to pull this look off.  I saw a few others with similar styles on the red carpet but I feel that Fka's was the best, not to mention I'm still upset that she lost to Fetty Wap, not cool man, not cool.

Did you guys have any favorites from last night? Drop a comment below and let us know! Oh and....DO NOT VOTE FOR KAYNE FOR PRESIDENT!

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