Why Facebook Groups are Essential for Blogging Success!


This post is so important (information wise) that I couldn't just classify it as Blogging 101 or Networking 101 because it goes in both categories, hand in hand, which that much importance to it.  When you become comfortable with your blog's online presence on Facebook you'll begin the process of sharing blog posts and related content, letting your fans know what's going on, and building your brands support.  Sometimes, however, just sharing content with friends and family just isn't enough.  You need to be able to be apart of a community of like minded individuals who wouldn't mind sharing, liking, or reading your posts because they're craving the same attention, and that my friends is where the wonderful world of Facebook blogging groups comes into play!

Facebook blogging groups have been one of my best blogging tools I could ever recommend to anyone.  There are so many established groups out there that are easy to become apart of, and they are structured for maximum blog optimization.  Groups that we are apart of include Her Campus Blogger Network, BLM (Bloggers Like Me), Black Bloggers Unite, and so many others!  Once you become apart of a blog group, you'll be able to share certain content on certain days in exchange for helping another blogger out, for example on Mondays you can post new blog content and a link to your Facebook's fan page and then you'll support 3-5 other bloggers! It's that easy!  And best of all, you're building up your list of blogging buddies which definitely comes in handy.

These groups also serve as a great platform for seeking advice from other bloggers, finding bloggers to help you out with a collaboration or guest post, or sharing a blogging victory!  I can't say enough, these blogging groups have made it that much simpler to get the word out about our brand to people who would actually give a damn.

However, I don't want you to go into one of these groups blinded so here are a few helpful tips on succeeded with your participation in a Facebook blogging group:

Be mindful of the groups guidelines

Even though Facebook is free for all, post whatever you want, these blogging groups have certain guidelines they would like everyone to adhere to, so just make sure to read over them before participating in your first thread.

If you're going to post a link, be ready to support back

The whole point of these groups is to support one another, so if you choose to participate in a certain thread make sure to share the love and help out other bloggers as well.  If it says comment on 3 blogs, I suggest 5 or 6, it's more beneficial for you anyway.

Keep self promotion to a MINIMUM!

Some of these blogging groups have shown me that some bloggers are only there to self promote, and while it's great to let people know what you're accomplishing, don't over do it, especially if you don't even take the time to like, share, or comment on another blogger's piece, it's just downright rude and disrespectful.

Take advantage of blogger knowledge

The purpose of these groups is to help everyone grow and succeed, and likely is the first place a blogger goes to learn about a new opportunity.  Be on the lookout for info fellow bloggers are sharing, and don't be stingy with the wealth, if you know of a opportunity that bloggers would love to participate in, share the information.

Make this part of your social media schedule

Once you have joined a few groups I suggest incorporating your posting into your social media schedules, pick a time frame on when you'll share links in all groups you're in, and have a good time frame so that you can like, share, and comment on others in a thoughtful manner (not with a robotic response).

Are you apart of any Facebook blogging groups?  Comment below and share the one you like the best or that have been the most beneficial to your blog!

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