LSR: Are You The One? MTV Will Help You Find Out!

are you the one

One of our purposes on this earth, as most would deem, is to find our soul mate, fall madly in love, and be forever happy until our time comes to proceed into the next life..or at least that's what I've been hearing.  But I know damn well it's not that simple.  Cheating, commitment issues, fear, anxiety, and the want to just live a fun, single, young life all come into play that can hurt anyone's chances of falling in love and meeting "the one".  Not to mention dating has changed so much.  More and more people are meeting in unconventional ways, such as online dating like Facebook, Tinder, Skout, etc., which causes for some questions and concerns.  But from what I've seen, there's success in this type of dating, me and my boyfriend even met online (shutup).  So with all of these ways of dating, and all of these distractions, how can you be certain you will ever meet the one for you?  Well...MTV sure in the hell has a bomb ass solution if I do say so myself.

MTV's "Are You The One" is the most blunt and forceful way to find who you're determined to be with.  Based on personality and other components, 10 single women and 10 single men are predetermine-ly paired up before entering in the house that they will ALL live in, having their soulmate chosen for them based on these components.  Now it's just up to them to figure out who their true love is.  Stuck in a house with not only their destined significant other, but with others trying to infiltrate, searching for their one as well, it becomes...well crazy.

I've seen the second season, mostly because I'm Facebook friends with one of the cast mates, Garland Brown (same hometown), which prompted me to see how this experiment would turn out, and now I'm eager to see how season 3 will go down.  It's crazy because, I hate playing matchmaker.  I can't have that burden on my shoulders if it turns out the guy and girl I set up don't like each other. I've had that happen wayyyyyyyyyyyy too many times and it's annoying af.  I've even been set up on a few blind dates or met a few people online, and let's just say...I should have called Neve, catfished much?  But then again I would love to see a couple I put together succeed and be happy, like one couple who actually met on season 1 of "Are You The One".  They 're even married and just welcomed a baby into their family.  That's what I want to happen with anyone I set up, so maybe there is hope for matchmaking after all.  Hell if MTV can do it, maybe I can try once more.

Season 3 is well underway, the second episode aired yesterday, and even though it's only day 2, everyone has to act fast.  Did i mention that if everyone finds their true love, everyone splits 1 MILLION DOLLARS?!  Yep, MTV be balling!  So the drive of being happy, loved, and rich is making everyone get down to the nitty gritty and weeding out who just doesn't mesh.  And what MTV is doing for season 3 is including us, as the viewers, in with the drama.  During every premiere episode, fans can join “Play AYTO” by going to campaign landing page. Players will be asked questions throughout the show like, “Are Amanda and Connor a perfect match?” or “How many perfect matches will they get?" If they guess correctly, they’ll earn points. The winner at the end of the episode will be entered into a sweepstakes for a trip for two to HAWAII. So, if you win the episode, you have a 1/20 chance of winning this trip (because there are 10 episodes and 1 winner during the east coast airing, 1 during the west coast). This is the first time MTV -- or Viacom for that matter -- has used this type of interactive technology for a full season of a show!

So I don't know about yall but I'm trying to win some prizes, me and my man wanna go to Hawaii!  You know I will be playing while I'm watching the drama unfold.  If you haven't seen an episode yet, shame on you, but don't worry, you can check out the first episode along with bonus clips to see what this new form of matchmaking is all about.  Definitely be sure to tune in each and every Wednesday, 10/9c, and be sure to follow "Are You The One" on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram!

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