Blogger Insight: Know It All Bloggers? I'm Sick Of Them & Strive Not To Be One!

blogger insight

"Know it  alls", people who think…they know it all, but seem not to possess all of the information they put forth that they know, more so have mastered.  Yes I know, very intellectual of me to say, but it comes with a purpose.  Scrolling on Periscope I saw someone I follow make a broadcast “Why Does Everyone on Periscope Have to Be an Expert!”.  I have been saying this in my head for many months now, but not just about the Periscope community, but the blogging community as well.  It seems we are in the stage of competition more than creatively expressing one’s opinions and having a “round table” discussion if you will.  Every blogger is striving to be the best, the master, or the expert in their niche, but for what?  Being the expert will not guarantee you more work necessarily, and I personally don’t want that pressure.  It reminds me of those cute little pins on Pinterest saying “8 Sure Fire Steps to Start a Blog and Make It Successful” but that article is not the bible on blog success.  No one’s path is the right path for any and everyone so it’s a little misleading.  There’s one blogger, who a lot of people might know, who is thought of as the “guru” of turning your blog into a business and essentially making over a 6 figure income.  One of those methods was to utilize Amazon affiliates, and listening to what she said I thought it was a good idea.  Unfortunately here in Missouri, we cannot take advantage of Amazon affiliates.  After noticing the glitch I asked the blogger if she could recommend any alternatives due to the situation…no response.  Comments under me receiving responses but mine seemed to have been skipped over, and eventually I never got an answer.  As an expert, aren’t you suppose to be there to help guide and answers questions of the ones who you’ve given this information to?

Point is, striving to be an expert is taking away from what the real blogging purpose is.  Here at #MOAF, we give tips, tricks, stuff like that but in any post we do, we always try to make it known that this is from what we have experienced, that we are still learning right along with everyone else, and that we are DEFINITELY open to bigger and better solutions than the ones we might have come up with.  We don’t want to be experts, we don’t strive to be, and in turn, I think that makes us just a little bit more authentic than the rest.

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