Blogging 101: Getting Down With Social Media Management

social media management for bloggers

An important part in most people's lives is social media.  Being able to connect with friends and family through the internet, share your life in a snap, and just have fun is what we're all about in 2015.  Social media is also a very important part in a blogger's life as well.  We use social media to update our readers on new blog posts, collaborations, giveaways, and more on top of driving traffic to your blog.  The question is, HOW THE HELL DO YOU MANAGE IT ALL!  Like seriously, from all of the social media sites that most of us are on, including:


it'll take more than just a mental note to remember when and what to post for each site.  So where do we start?  Well, that's where the handy, dandy, social media schedule comes in.

First, before even making or setting up your calendar you need to analyze your accounts to get a clear picture of really what the hell you're doing.  For instance, what should I post on each account?  What times and how many times should I post on each account? So to first develop a great social media schedule, you need to research each of the main social media accounts you use and get a general idea of when your content is the most "poppin'", whether that's in the morning, afternoon, evening, during the week or weekend, etc., and go from there.

Once you've done that, you can plan when to post to each day.  I suggest focusing on either one type of social media a day (ex. Facebook on Mondays, Twitter Tuesdays) or the type of engagement per day (ex. follow for follow on Mondays, recap of blog posts on Fridays).  Again, it all depends on your reader engagement and stats.

Once you got the basics down, it's time to execute.  Either online (ex. Google Calendar, Trello), or with a nice paper template, write out what will be shared on what day, at what time frame you're aiming at posting, and so on.  I suggest starting off with planning a week and then work your way up to planning out the entire month, obviously once you create an entire month's worth of posts!

We are in the processing of figuring out a social media schedule we can stick to, so any ideas, tips, and tricks will help!

And for an added bonus, here is a social media calendar we found on Pinterest, make sure to follow us for more blogging tips and tricks!

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