Fashion: F2, Re-Imagine Runway

fashion x food

You guys know I love fashion...ok that was just a redundant statement, but you guys also know I LOVE FOOD!!! I'll admit, I have a food addiction, sue me, but who doesn't love fine cuisine?!  I mean the display, the smell, and the TASTE, heeeaveeeen!  So putting my first love and my second love together in one event just makes it that much better!

The place to get both worlds of fashion and food is F2 (Fashion x Food) hosted by Brainchild Events.  You might be remembering back in that good ol' nogin of a recap we did last year.  Same event, but better than ever.  This year, Pins & Needles Winners Alexis Cook & Barbara Bultman will be showcasing their award winning designs as chef Tyler Davis creates stylish and savory courses to compliment the designers vision.

5 courses with eye popping designs to match, this is definitely a night for the ultimate fashion and food lover.  Make sure to purchase tickets here, and also check out pics from last year's F2's event, and follow Brainchild Events on Facebook for details and to stay up to date on other upcoming events!

*photo credit: Brainchild Events

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