Hair: Now I'm The Blue Hair Bandit #2

blue hair

I needed a change.  A major change.  You know how it gets, same routine, blah blah blah, and I had to do something.  I've wanted to cut and color my hair for a long time.  And I've done it before, but wasn't able to find anyone to cut or color the way I wanted, whether it was due to them being HORRIBLE or smart enough to let me know they weren't experienced enough at that point (thank you). So first, after going back to one of my old stylist I got my hair cut, thanks to Pinterest, and thought I would be content.

But looking at other people who have these ROCKING hair colors, including fellow blog mate Diamond, I knew this feeling of wanting color would not go away.  And thanks to the Fashion Week Boutique Hop, I was able to get this done!

Now with the color, I wanted something grey with a navy tint, but because we were pressed for time I decided to go with a blue.  First, after lifting the hair once, we put the dye on, which looked more so like a purple blue...and after some sitting, heat, and washing of the hair, BOOM!

I love this color for many reasons.  First, the way my hair is, some of it still being natural, my hair has SO MANY colors and tints to it!  At the roots it's more of a dark blue/purple, in the middle it's a nice, oceanic teal, and at the ends it looks like a light blue/grey, which was not planned but so cool looking!  And what makes my hair a little different is that I only dyed the long hair I have, all of my undercuts are black.

My hair even looks good in different lighting situations, I am so IN LOVE!

So for now, I am the blue hair bandit #2, there are so many other colors I want to try and explore, but until then, get use to the #bluehairduo of #MOAF!

Drop a line and let me know what you guys think of the new do!


  1. Cute eyewear :)
    Maria V.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!