Fashion: Jewelry Game On Fleek With Angara

Now that I have an adult job, or a big girl job as Diamond would say, I've been thinking of stepping my wardrobe game up entirely.  Every woman should have some key pieces in their closet, I believe, such as one pair of signature designer heels, a signature designer handbag, and grown woman jewelry.  But you can't get your jewelry from just any place.  You have to make sure that this place takes pride in providing you as the customer with one of a kind selections while at the same time giving you great value for your money.  I've mentioned this company before and you might have remembered from a previous 5 Point Style Guide I did, and I will mention them again, Angara is the place, your place, for your jewelry needs.

Why Angara?  Well, because it's simple.  First and foremost they're known for their magnificent gemstones, hints why they are called "The Gemstone Destination".  They specialize in Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds, Tanzanites, Diamonds, and other precise gemstones.  Angara also offers a wide range of jewelry from rings, bracelets, and earrings to different occasions such as engagement rings and wedding rings, and they have products for all different price ranges.  For me, that's a need.  Quality pieces without going broke.

Not to mention, Angara is celebrating their 10 year anniversary!  10 years of creativity, consistency, craftsmanship, and customer delight.  I personally love their Double Prong Emerald Cut Ruby Halo Ring from their best seller collection.  This ring is something that is very much versatile with any outfit I might wear, and you guys know that's what I'm all about, minimalist and versatility.

Gorgeous right?  So why not get something for yourself!  Since we're celebrating Angara turning 10, you guys as my loyal readers have the chance to take 20% off!  Just use the code "10Years" at checkout to get your discount!  And, make sure to like, subscribe, and follow their Facebook, Twitter, & Youtube accounts for the latest news and details on special promotions and contests! 

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