Lippie Review: Marc Jacobs

marc jacobs

You know what today is?! It's Lippie Review Monday!  And today I'll be reviewing Marc Jacob's "Le Marc Lip Creme".  I think everyone woman should have at least one designer lipstick, that they can wear on a very special occasion or have to compare with other similar brands, and Marc Jacobs is mine.

The lipstick packaging itself is something I haven't experienced with most of the other lip sticks I own, from the slick black oval tubing to the magnetic retractable top, it's something I really enjoy.

marc jacobs

The formula is a creamy satin, and this color, "202: Goddess" is a vibrant red-orange.  It goes on really smooth and isn't hard on the lips.  Taking it off is easy as well, leaving little "stainage".

marc jacobs

Two critiques I will say is one, I've heard a lot of people complaining about this lipstick beading up around the corners.  I haven't had this happen personally, but have seen that happen on someone else.  Two, the longevity is a little disappointing for the cost ($32), I have to apply a few times throughout the day vs some of my cheaper lipsticks that I only have to apply once in a 7-8 hour time span.

All in all, I give Marc Jacobs about a 3.5/4 out of 5, not a bad purchase at all.  I will definitely be buying a few more designer brand lip products and do an in depth comparison, to see which brand is ultimately the best.

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