Beauty Corner: What's Your Go To Palette?


I am slowly but surely starting to become obsessed with eye shadow palettes.  But for me, I only have a few that I rock with.  I focus more so on other features such as lips or contouring, on account of my sexy white frames, that I never gave a thought to wearing eye shadow.  So with that, I tend to gravitate more towards neutral, nude palettes to offset the contouring of my face and the complexion of my skin.  Now that I have a real grown up lady job however, I am trying to look more depart as a fashion blogger and makeup enthusiast, so what I want you guys to do is drop me a comment and let me know what your favorite eye shadow palette is!  I'll choose 2-3 and do a product review on and mention you as the recommendation in the post!  Ready, set, GO!

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