Rants & Raves: Our New Direction

mind of a fashionista
I write this post, with so many emotions I might add, that change is coming to this blog.  I made the announcement on our Facebook page and my personal Instagram page, and I'm doing it again to make it known big things are happening.  Long story short...Mind of a Fashionista (the name) will be no more.  I say this with sadness because Mind of a Fashionista was and is my baby (besides my real baby).  I started this blog back in 2013 as a way for me to stay relevant in the fashion industry.  At the beginning of my college journey I was majoring in fashion design and entrepreneurship.  I wanted to open up my own clothing line, Lawrence Anthony, and have all the success I saw other designers have at New York Fashion Week and beyond.  But being careless and naive, I found myself in a situation that turned out to be the biggest blessing that could happen.  I became a mom.  A 20 year old mother who had to figure out how to manage shit, how to balance life, and I had to grow the hell up QUICK!  And with that, my decision was to turn away from fashion design and to open my eyes to fashion blogging.  Almost three years later this blog has grown in more ways than I could have ever imagined.  And anyone can see why I am somewhat emotional about letting the name go...I feel like my child has went to college or something!!!

Even though I love the name so much, my blog is a business, and I have to think in a business mind frame.  More so, this brand is not just about me, it's about me and my best friend and our journey through this blogging world.  When we re branded the first time at the beginning of this year, my mission was to solidify to everyone that Mind of a Fashionista was in fact two minds that think like one, and it seemed that my efforts to make that point just weren't getting into people's heads.  Secondly, we have grown from just being fashion and beauty bloggers and we don't want to be restricted due to our "niche".  With our new blog workshop series Divergent Place, it has inspired us to take the plunge and not be scared to do what the hell we want to do.  Yes fashion is still our passion, but we want to talk about so much more, and when it all comes down to it, our name wouldn't allow us to do so.

So to all of our fellow readers, subscribers, and #MOAF lovers, we thank you.  This is definitely not the end for us, but just the end of Mind of a Fashionista (the name).  Within the next couple of months you will slowly but surely start to see our new brand Just Bloggers: No Explanation take full force, where we not only will keep posting about our love for fashion, style, and beauty, but also take a more head dive approach at writing topics such as love, sex, & relationships, celebrity opinion pieces, fun projects and recipes we find on Pinterest, and so much more!

We hope that this gives us a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig opportunitiy to connect with other bloggers that we have been meaning to chat with, and we know in our hearts you will love our new brand.  Make sure to follow us in anyway you can (check out our new social buttons on the right) to stay up to date on our makeover!

Once again, thank you to everyone who has been on this journey with us!