Blogger Insight: How We Collab With Fellow Bloggers

 working with fellow bloggers
Throughout your blogging career, I definitely believe it's important to 
collab with fellow bloggers and form what many call your "blogging tribe".  I've done this many times and always had fun doing so and it's a great exposure strategy as you're exposing yourself to another audience you might not have a chance to.

Here at Mind of a Fashionista, soon to be Just Bloggers, we have many opportunities that we offer our fellow bloggers because we just love working with them, point blank.

One way, which is actually something we've never done before is a photo challenge.  Each day of the month for December, we urge all of followers on Instagram to post a different picture.  For example on December 5th post a work selfie, or Christmas Eve post a Christmas Tree selfie, something fun, doable, and doesn't limit anyone because of their "niche".  The deadline to sign up is TOMORROW so if you're interested just fill out the form below and you're in!

Another way we bring fellow bloggers into our world is through Pinterest.

   Visit Just Bloggers: No Explanation's profile on Pinterest.

We have many different boards on Pinterest from fashion/style to blogging tips and tricks and we allow our fellow bloggers to become pinners on those boards!  Probably the easiest way of collaboration in my eyes.  If you're interested, fill out this form below:

Something we've been doing for a while, and that a lot of people have taken interest to is bringing on contributors to our site.  Now you're going to hear a lot of people say you shouldn't allow people to post published work on your site because of Google rankings, and in turn their right to a certain point.  Allowing contributors or guest posts on your site is ok because you have the source from the author right there.  By knowing how to direct the post and use tools such as "no follow" both your ranking and the author's ranking will be just fine.  And this allows different content on your blog you might not have thought of and for that author to be expose to a different audience.  If interested please fill out this form below. since we are moving towards a nicheless blog we are open to really any and all topics:

Last but not least, and what I am really excited about is our blogger workshop series Divergent Place.  We have created a workshop series and eventual blogging conference that is geared towards being an all inclusive space where those of like minds can create, inspire, and thrive from each other...a diverse creative space.  These workshops are open to ANY AND ALL bloggers from ANY NICHE.  They are also open to creative writers who are on the fence of becoming a blogger.  We hope we can be that outlet that helps you decide your blogging fate!  The first workshop entitled "Now Why Are You Here?" will explore the reasons why we as bloggers decided to get into this field and how we eventually want our blogs to grow with helpful tips and tricks to do so!  If you would like more information on Divergent Place, fill out this form here:

We also offer ad space and other promotional services for our fellow bloggers and are open to new and fun ideas for collaborations!  If you have something in mind definitely reach out to us at!

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