Blogging 101: Why You NEED Blogging Friends!

blogging 101

Have you ever attended an event solo bolo and had the worst time ever?  Not because the event wasn't great but because you didn't have anyone to enjoy it with?  Well that's how I use to feel when I would go to fashion shows and blogger parties by myself.  And the reality was, I didn't know anyone.  Most of my friends weren't interested in fashion or in blogging, and the ones who were always had to work.  Those little moments showed me that I needed to make blogging friends.  Whether it was finding someone to go to an event with, venting about a blogging problem I had, finding someone to work with who I genuinely liked, or whatever the case may be, I longed for a group of blogging besties, actual friends that I could call up about whatever blogging related.  Why do you need blogging friends you ask?  Well here are a few reasons why:

blogging 101
First, with any group of friends, you're known for the group's overall appearance, personality, and actions, whether good or bad.  So surround yourself with bloggers who are not only serious about being bloggers, but also are there to encourage and uplift you whenever you need it.  Words can't describe the "blogging" problems I have that only Diamond, Aziza, and a few others in our group understand, and if I didn't have this group to vent to, I wouldn't know who to turn to.

Second, it's always more fun to have someone to tag along with to an event or function, and going with a blogging buddy can be way more fun than with someone who you have to explain everything to.  Yea, every so often I might bring my boyfriend or mom, but it's way more fun being there with someone in the same crowd as yourself.

blogging 101
Third, blogging friends means COLLABORATIONS!  Not only as a fun way to get everyone together on a group giveaway or link post, but also as a blogging method for everyone to gain followers through cross promotion.  Now you could do this with any blogger who you may meet, but then again do you trust them?  Will they come through?  Are they dependable?  I can only say that about my true blogging friends and that's why I only work with them.

Last but not least, having blogging friends forces you to make connections you would've never made before.  I've said time and time again that I have a true phobia of people and social situations, but becoming a blogger has helped me overcome that.  More so, I would have never met some of the amazing people I have if it weren't for some of my blogging bffs.  Whether it was me standing behind and getting introduced in a conversation or my name getting dropped because I have true blogging pals who support me, it was because of them that the connections were made.  My blogging group is amazing, and each blogger has value not only as a person but as an asset to the blogging world, and it's important to build your own group and eventually run an empire together.

*photos courtesy of Ashley Kuenstler Photography