Fashion & Style: 5PSG-Burgundy Makes Everything Better

Fall Trends

It's officially November!!!  It's freaking me out more so than me being excited because this year has gone by wayyyyy too quick.  I just remember graduating from college and that was last December, time is flying by!

Anyway, I know I haven't done a 5 Point Style Guide in a while, and that's simply because I haven't felt inspired.  For me when it comes to personal style, I love adding twists and "hints" of a special element as oppose to creating similar looks everyone else has come up with.  And while sitting on my couch (like I normally do), an outfit came to mind!

This is something that I want to pull off, and maybe I can for our upcoming blog tour, but for me, burgundy is life!  I love the depth of it and how rich this color can be.  Burgundy can also be paired with many other color combinations such as greys, creams, whites, blacks, other neutrals and earthtones, and so much more!  On top of also adding the fringe and distressed element in this inspiration, this is one set that I am determined to pull off!