Grad School Chronicles: Why You "Privileged" Folks Can't Tell Me Ish....

graduate degrees

I am thanking the heavens from here, there, and EVERYWHERE! Why?  Because I just got into grad school (hints the title, duh).  But while I'm celebrating and being as joyous as I can be, I still have people in my ear saying "you don't need a masters" or "it's a waste of money", with 100% of these people being of the Caucasian race.  You guys know I love everyone, so hold your horses, but white people do not understand that as a black woman who is technically a stereotype (having a child at 20, and unmarried), I need all the degrees I can get!  And here is why...

We live in a fucked up society.  I'll just be blunt about it.  It's 2015 but at times it still feels like 1965.  We (as African Americans) still go through situations of racism, discrimination, and being stereotyped left and right, and the job market isn't any better.  Whether you know it or not, we are subject to make less than any white person, even if we're more qualified.  It doesn't make sense, and it will never make sense because....that's how our society was built.  I might only be 23, but I'm not stupid, and I understand how to play the game.

Everyone who has told me I don't need a graduate degree in communications, I simply say to you, shut the HELL UP!  You don't know the plan I have for this degree and just because you wouldn't be able to work with it doesn't mean I won't be able to.  For any of my fellow young black students who have had thoughts of going to grad school, DO IT!  If you love learning, and if you have a passion and a genuine interest in a degree or emphasis area, go back to school!  No matter what anyone tells you, you're going to be in debt regardless.  Whether that's buying a home, starting a business, anything, good or bad debt, you'll be in some kind of debt.  So why not invest in yourself and pursue a degree that you can use in a future business.  If no one tells you this, I will, African Americans always need a edge up just to be looked at as equal.

My mom told me to just keep going until I couldn't anymore, and that's what I'm doing.  And communications, surprisingly, has so many courses (90%) that deal with graphic, web, and media design, video production, and PR management which helps me as a blogger TREMENDOUSLY!

So if you want to go back, do it, I urge you to.  If anyone, white or black, tries to talk you out of it (like many of my co workers did) tell them to have several seats before you light their ass up.  Don't ever argue with anyone on something you want to do and that will better yourself, short term or long term.