Lippie Review: MUA Matte Lip Cream

makeup academy

Being a shopaholic can have its benefits, I don't care what anyone says!  Browsing around in CVS looking for Milan matte lip cream, I bumped into the Makeup Academy (MUA) display.  Never heard of them, never seen a product from this line, but the packaging was A1 and I decided to try.  One of the best makeup purchases I've made.

Their matte lip cream is super soft, and once dried, doesn't feel like you have anything on your lips.  Compared to higher end brands like Anastasia ($20 a tube) that feels sticky and "heavy" on your lips, this cream literally feels like a breeze, and for more than half the cost ($8.99), it's definitely a great value!

makeup academy

Because I liked the first one I bought so much, I decided to buy one in red and nude as well.  The checkout girl even asked me if they work, and when I told her that what was on my lips was the lip cream, she went and put 3 on hold for herself!

If you're in the STL area, visit the CVS on Olive, that's where I received this, not every CVS carries MUA brand.  If you're not in STL, simply visit and search for your local dealer or simply buy online!

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