Love & Relationships: Baby Momma Diaries-Girlfriends Never Win


No matter how hard I try to identify with everything but this term, I'm a "babymomma".  It is what it is.  And with being a babymomma, a whole lot of bullshit tends to come your way, it's just given.  Bullshit for me comes in the form of females who think that they have my place, or are on the level that I am, and you have to play the typical role of a babymomma and raise hell for people to know you're ultimately the boss.  Yep I said it.

baby momma drama

Long story short, I'm not with my daughter's father and I don't plan to be.  I haven't been with him since the day I found out I was pregnant.  Let's just say that night consisted of a party, yelling at 2am while Diamond tried to calm me down, and boom, my fears of being pregnant were true (told you Diamond).  Anyway, the woman who my daughter's father had been unfaithful with me to, he had decided to have a relationship with well into last year.  Again, I do not want this man, but there are many red flags and concerns that many conscious sane mothers would have problems with as well no matter if this was your man or not.  And I just need all of my "girlfriends" to understand where us mothers are coming from before you get your ass whooped.

Coming from a home where my mother always made it a priority to have a civil, respectable relationship with my step mother or my step sister's mother, I was expecting the same from this woman.  If you have plans on being around my child, I need to know who the fuck you are.  Point blank.  And I would think any respectable woman would want that to avoid conflict at all cost, meet with me, and get an understanding of what we all want and what is best for my child.
baby momma drama

In my eyes, girlfriends who don't have children of their own never win, because they try to be on the same level as mothers and in reality that will never happen.  Anything I need, at any time day or not, he is prompted to come if it concerns my child, and for people who don't have children, especially women, you wouldn't understand that.  We (as women) are already needy ass creatures and emotionally unstable as it is. So throw in a situation with a "babymomma" and a child that aint' yours and you gone be going through an emotional roller coaster.  Do not argue with me, because I've been there and done that before I had my mini me.

Single ladies, whoever you are, if you do end up in this kind of situation, take it from me who just had to let this idiot know whats up, know your damn place.  You want to be with him? Fine, have a conversation with the mother, it's called RESPECT! If you're not sure if you can or cannot do something for or with the child until that mutual understanding is met, ASK...IT'S CALLED RESPECT!  It's not because we want him, want this stupid idea of our family back, or don't want you two to be together, it's called we are MOTHERS!  We worry about everything from the rock on the ground that could hurt our babies to the juice they drink that could poison our babies.  We need to make sure we are comfortable with whoever our child is around, that's it.  And until you become a parent, more so a mother, you wouldn't understand.  So once again, just avoid an ass whooping and have some respect.