Makeup: Lippie Review-Nyx Wicked Lippies

nyx wicked lippies

I have been wanting to do this post for so long, but I was on stand still waiting for these damn lipsticks to restock, and to my surprise not only did they restock, but they were half off!!!  Yes, NYX's Wicked Lippies are on sale, and I scooped up all the ones I've wanted for months.  Now that my collection is complete, it's time to review!!!

The Wicked Lippies collection is filled with vibrant colors, bold metallics, and a palette that I haven't seen before.  Aziza (of TheBargainBeauty) first got me hip to these, and when I went to go get them, they were sold!

So you know the excited I had when I was finally able to snatch these bad boys up, and for half the price at that.  The colors I have in my personal collection is featured down below:

nyx wicked lippies

Because I already had Sinful in my collection, I was able to try it out.  The formula and application is very smooth, and the color comes off very vibrant but not ratchet which is what I was scared of.  Most importantly. it doesn't stain your lips!  So if you're looking for blues, greens, and even a black and grey to try without having to scrub your lips off, this is for you!