Makeup: Nyx Liquid or Nyx Powder?

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I have been on the hunt for many, many months to find a foundation to control the oil on my face.  I don't know what it is but I have entirely too much oil that comes from my face.  I also sweat a little more than the average person, so my face turns shiny VERY QUICK! And of course a trip to the dermatologist would probably help in some way, but until I can finagle that with my schedule, I needed to find a foundation that would be able to help me with my problem.

I currently used Maybelline's Fit Me foundation for normal to oily skin and it seems to do the trick...but only for a few hours.  I've also tried mattifying primers and that seem to help also but not enough to my liking.  I've heard NYX's foundation is really good, and ironically, the beauty supply by my job has NYX, yasssss!  So I went ahead and picked up not only the liquid matte foundation but also the powder matte foundation because I am also in need of a good power foundation as well.

In general, they both work amazing, and they are not expensive at all which makes it a great purchase.  For the liquid tube I paid $8.99 where as trying other matte liquid foundations I've paid $15 for a smaller tube and it still didn't work as well as NYX's.  Between the powder and the liquid however, the powder was the winner.  I wore both the liquid and the matte to work, an 8 hour day I should mention, and the liquid did still show some oil on my face versus the powder where it didn't look like I had makeup on at all or an oily face.

With that being said. I've decided to use the powder during the week for when I go to work, and the liquid on those "event nights" when I need to step the makeup game up just a little.

Has anyone else tried NYX's Stay Matte But Not Flat foundation?  Drop a line and let us know!  And if you have any other products you want us to review drop another line and let us know!