Fashion & Style: Our Favorite Fall Fashion Trends

fall fashion trends 2016
Thanks to Pantone’s fall fashion color report.  Orange was also seen quite a bit at New York Fashion Week.

fall fashion trends 2016

Stylish and always classy. Janelle Monae is known for rocking her pant suits and looking lovely while doing so. Proving that less is not always more. Zendaya is another great example of how to wear a pantsuit. 

fall fashion trends 2016

A duster is a lightweight open coat. They usually don’t have closures, like buttons. 

fall fashion trends 2016
A trench coat typically has buttons, a belt, and is often waterproof. 

fall fashion trends 2016
Fringe screams the 1920s. One of my favorite time periods because of the fashion, art, culture. If I could visit an era that I would want to visit the 20s.

fall fashion trends 2016

I have seen some of the 80s making a comeback, but Victorian fashion is being used in a lot of designs. During the 1830s-1900s women’s clothes were adorned with lace, velvet, ruffles, flowers, and corsets. 

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