R & R: How Ms. Shady Boots (and Everyone Else) is Underestimating the Power of Social Media and the Black Dollar

patti pies

Pies, pies, pies!  That's all I've been hearing lately when a young man by the name of James, who I should say is quite talented, took to social media to display his love and affection for these "Patti Pies".  Apparently Patti Labelle, a name every black home knows far too well has patented some very tasty sweet potato pies to be sold in Walmart's all over the country.

Now while I personally do not eat sweet potato pie, shit is gross, I've been seeing videos of people trying to get these pies, even a sweet old lady wondering how she can get hers because they keep selling out.  

I don't know what's more disturbing however, the fact that these pies are selling out like Jordan's.

The fact that y'all keep eating these pies UNCOOKED.

All of these funny memes with Aretha Franklin and other notable woman in the industry (yall know yall wrong).

pattie pies

 Or the fact that shady boots herself, i.e. Patti Labelle is making it seem like her pies were selling by the millions before Mr. James made his infamous video.  According to Walmart workers all over the country, her pies were on the donation list before James hyped them up.  Shady Boots, keep it movin'.

Moral of the story is, we do not realize how valuable and IMPORTANT our dollars, black dollars are.  We have proven to have the capability to invest over $1 million dollars into something as minuscule.  So why can't we exercise that into investing in not only other black owned businesses, but black own and ran charities and organizations who take the time out to contribute back to our community?

This message is especially if you're one of those who likes to bring up "race" with everything that's going on, or what I like call "social media pro black members".  You'll go and buy a Patti Pie because of the hype, ok that's fine.  You support racial issues that have been going on in our country and others, wonderful.  But I bet your ass is the first in like to grab that 36" TV from Best Buy huh?  Black Friday is ran by the white dominated corporations, and our buying power is probably in the top demographics of people who participate in Black Friday.  Let's be real, we're always looking for a bargain, so of course we''re going to take our happy asses and get shit we wouldn't be able to afford any other time of the year.  So if we have the ability to not only support other businesses on Black Friday, but to support something as little as pies all from a video, think of how our community and our economy could grow if we would just invest into other black businesses?

Just food for thought.

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