Rants & Raves: Why I'm Over EVERYTHING In America

racial tensions

Yall mfs been on 10 and tripping these last few weeks.  From stupid ass red cups, the validation of a hunger strike, and choosing sides over what tragedy to support is making me not even want to think about any of it.  I will say again, after again, after again, America is a fucked up society.  I don't know if that will ever change, but our priorities are just all screwy and it's annoying as hell!

First off, with this whole "red cup" situation that Christians are all in a tissy about, SHUT THE F*** UP!  It's a cup, a damn cup, more so Starbucks is not changing these cups as if they don't care about Christians, Christianity, or anything of the sort.  If you didn't know....Starbucks is a business, and in order to make the majority of your customers, clientele, and more importantly business investors happy, you have to change a few small things here and there.  So if you're really that mad over a damn cup, go get you some supplies from Michael's and get to making Jesus Christ himself and drink from that cup.  #itsnotabigdeal

Secondly, I love how...most white people...have been questioning the validity of the meaning behind the hunger strike going on at Mizzou because participant Jonathon Butler comes from a "wealthy family" (his father runs a fortune 500 company).  But...what the hell does coming from a wealthy family have to do with being oppressed or showing genuine care or concern when it comes to being oppressed?  If he really was rolling in the dough, his ass wouldn't be going to Mizzou...let's just be real.  Mizzou is known for journalism, football, and crazy ass parties during homecoming.  This isn't a school for the elite, rich, or famous.  Maybe he has chosen not to spend any money he might have under his belt and work for his, YOU DON'T KNOW THAT!  Don't make assumptions until you know your facts from the source himself.

Lastly...lastly, lastly, lastly.  If I see one more person on Twitter or Facebook saying "F Paris" or "F Mizzou" I will deactivate my accounts.  Y'all sound so damn insensitive!  Black people, please listen and listen good.  We wonder why half the time we don't have anyone in our corner because we say shit like this  Paris didn't do anything to us, Paris has always been somewhat of a neutral party in anything that has happened, and newsflash....THERE ARE BLACK PEOPLE IN FRANCE!  A large population at that.  So while you saying "F Paris" thinking it was just white people killed or affected, please think again.  And to everyone saying we need to stop whining about Mizzou and pay more attention to Paris...you need your ass whooped.  What's going on in Mizzou is just as equal and important as what's going on in Paris and vice versa.

So are yall done acting remedial and are yall ready to work together to help both situations?  #illwait

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