Blogger Insight: How Will You Elevate Your Blog for 2016?

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2016 is the year to set new standards for yourself, but more importantly, your blog.  We all have burning ideas in our heads on how to expand our babies, whether it's new content, more followers, or brand new opportunities, 2016 is the year to get it done.  So let's get a game plan going and get down to business for the new year and elevate our blogs!:


just bloggers no explanation
2016 needs to be the year that you have a clear idea of what you want your brand to be about and how you will convey that message in the months to come.  For us, our new brand launches January 20th and is definitely something we're aiming to stick with for years to come.  Just Bloggers: No Explanation is our attempt at a nicheless blog.   Because of the new year coming, we knew we had to identify what worked, and what didn't in order to grow as a brand and a blogging duo, and as much as we love Mind of a Fashionista, we knew we needed a change.  If you're feeling the same way as we did, 2016 is the year to shape your brand the way YOU want to and not how you think other people will like or take to it.  If you believe in your brand enough, which you should, other people will follow suit.


Since we are transitioning, more so opening up the gates of content heaven with our new brand, we want to explore different areas of writing and expand our content.  For 2016 challenge your writing.  Just because we're bloggers, don't forget we're also writers/journalists too.  Make sure to always deliver quality, AUTHENTIC content to your readers.  That's a must.  But also, challenge yourself to submit your writing to places you wouldn't have before, such as Huffington Post or Buzzfeed.  If you're looking to blog professionally as we are, whether that's offering writing services on your blog or become a freelance writer for companies or other bloggers, definitely make sure your posts are up to par.  It never hurts to go back, edit, and republish posts, you never know who's reading and what post they so happen to stumble upon.

Social Media

grow your social media

Social media is probably the hardest concept to master when it comes to getting a consistent following, but once achieved, it grows itself.  I've been experimenting with my personal Instagram account and tried new things including joining Instagram growth groups on Facebook, used relevant hashtags, etc.  So far, from October to December I've gained 422 new followers.  I know this number can definitely be higher once I start exploring Instagram more like I should.  With that being said, we've set our goal for all of our main social media accounts to 5000 by the end of the year.  I believe that having an attainable number is easier to input in your mind than a percentage or a general, broad goal.  Even more, breaking your big goal into smaller goals is less "daunting".  For us, we're aiming to achieve 1,000 likes/followers by April, and considering we're around the 500-800 mark for all of our accounts, this will be easy peasy.

Whatever your goals are for your social media accounts, don't get discouraged.  Social media and the people who participate in it are annoying as hell.  What I mean is, you'll have a lot of people who will unlike and unfollow for the most ignorant reasons.  So simply unfollow back and keep it pushing, your numbers will increase in due time.


I can't say this enough, diversify, diversify, diversify your blog!  If your blog is going to be a streamline of income for you, then use it as the foundation for other opportunities.  Speaking events, products, blog groups, etc., all of these things can be branded under your blog to help you earn extra income and build your blog portfolio.

I am geeked about the new for us and our new brand, but also for my fellow blogging buddies as well, I know we're gonna kick ass!!!

Let us know of some projects you have coming up, we would love to support and help a fellow blogger out!

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