Entertainment: Why Yandy's Story Matters

yandy smith

Recently, celebrity couple Yandy and Mendeecees have been in the spotlight for his legal troubles. The end result is he will be sentenced to 8 years in prison. Many people lashed out at her for sticking with him, marrying him, and having a child. As I read through some comments, my mouth hung open.

Yandy was described as a “babymamma with a marriage certificate, making stupid decisions, and having low self-esteem”, all because she chose to love a troubled man. So much judgement, but not all of the feedback was negative. Many gave encouragement and support for Yandy's decision.
XONecole.com had an article about Yandy written from a different perspective. One that was understanding, sympathetic, and applauding of Yandy's decision to stick beside her husband. I can understand their situation. When you love someone truly, it is unconditional. You love them, forever, through thick and thin, for better and for worse, sick, poor, rich, healthy...all of it. It's a package deal.
Seeing Yandy and Mendeecees family struggle and hearing their story helped me realize there are millions of families in the same situation. Every year millions of people go through America’s correctional system. The Bureau of Justice Statistics estimated that 1,561,500 inmates were in state or federal prisons in 2014. These people leave behind children, partners, family, and friends. The cost of dealing with legal issues, taking up their responsibilities at home, and the emotional costs are great.
I remembered watching a clip of Divorce Court and Judge Lynn Toler had this to say:

It was so moving and highlights a big issue that is affecting our community. Time is something that you cannot get back. I think it is one of our most valuable resources. In fact Psychology Today, says it’s more valuable than money.
yandy smith

I can understand the relief that Yandy has knowing her husband will be home in 8 years. It's a lot of time to miss someone you love, but there is closure knowing the outcome. I wish nothing but the best for Mendeecees and his family. Yandy has all my respect for being a strong woman and good wife, to stand by her family. Too many families are broken by the justice department. I applaud Yandy for setting an example.

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