Fashion & Style: The Ultimate Gift Guide Thanks to Fab

Christmas is next week....yea, I'm over it.  I'm more so over the same cliche presents everyone is trying to give.  Don't nobody want that shit!  Do not send me into 2016 with a funky attitude because you wanted to get me the same bs you got everyone else.  Nope, not gone happen!  So to avoid this situation with me, or anyone else at all costs, take a trip over to Fab.

I don 't remember how I stumbled upon this app, but it popped up in my "related apps" section and I said what the hell.  Glad I did because Fab is going to be my new one stop shop for everything, including graphic tees, my canvas paintings, one of a kind technology, and even sex toys...yep....discrete and adorable sex toys.

Because I can't take all the products and show them to you, it would be too damn time consuming, I chose a select few that everyone in the family, your significant other, and close friends can appreciate and be genuinely thankful for when receiving these awesome gifts, or in simpler terms, here is a kick ass gift guide for great gift giving!:

Smartphone Projector-when you and bae wants the movies from the comfort of the couch
The Tree Tee-because everyone wants to be one with nature, and be dope as fuck doing it
Kermit Confetti iPhonw Case-because he has been the star of 2015, his tea as well

Tetris Light-the reason you'll be late for

La Laguna-maybe this will make me exercise

Crystal Calm Keeper Throw Pillow-If I lay on it, will I change into those cool colors?

Ring Holder Animal Trio-little cuties!

Hungry for Love Throw Pillow-I'm hungry for something alright

Playbulb Color Wireless Speaker-never leaving my room again

See something you like?  Something you want to snatch for yourself?  Well it is the season of giving and it doesn't mean you can't treat's ok I won't tell anyone :)  Head over to Fab now, or later, as long as you do it before the week is up, you'll get your gifts Christmas Eve, guaranteed!

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