Hair: Why I'm Proud to Be Apart of #teambaldheaded

inner beauty

To make a long story short (pun intended)...I cut all my hair off...ALL OF IT.  I am now rocking a beautiful, feminine fade.  And to my surprise, I have received nothing but compliments on my new do, even getting the most likes I've received on Facebook since I've been on Facebook.

But the compliments and the likes aren't why I decided to cut my hair off.  I didn't decide to go natural and start completely fresh, I wasn't trying to get back to my roots, or shit like that.  I honestly did it because I am a lazy fucktard.  You guys remember when I got my beautiful, blue, oceanic color put into my hair?  Yea well I haven't done anything to my hair since.  Besides washing, conditioning, and moisturizing my hair, it has been covered with turbans, hats, beanies, and scarves.  So....why not cut out the middle man, literally.

But, the point of this post, and the other main reason I wasn't necessarily scared to chop off the mane is because I, long ago, found the inner beauty within myself.  In our culture, we identify with what is beautiful, or more so, what is perfect or acceptable is long, Brazilian hair and shit tons of makeup.  And even though I've participated in these trends myself, I still know that without all of that I am the beautiful queen my parents brought me in this world to be.

And I think of it as this...what if I had cancer or some other life altering disease where I was forced to go in public in a state I'm not use to being in, how would I consider myself beautiful then?  We, as women, have to stop relying on what this society dictates as beauty and be happy in the skin that we're in.

I know that sounded cliche as hell, but it's the truth, and I mean it from the heart.  I am in love with my hair, lack there of, or whatever you want to call it, and I don't think I'll be going back anytime soon.

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