Makeup: Why Primers & Concealers Are Key To Flawless Makeup

flawless makeup
Primer and concealers can help when it comes to makeup application. I’ve always heard of concealer, but primer is fairly new to me, but is a staple to any beauty’s tool box. I would see women with a fresh face of makeup at the end of the day and wonder how did they do it? How did it stay on all day long and look flawless. The answer Primer!  
This is step one to a flawless face. I always thought the first step to makeup was foundation, but it is actually primer that sets the stage, so to speak.  Think of it as the base coat you use when you polish your nails, you do use one right? The base is what helps everything adhere and stay in place. 
Primers work by creating a barrier that adheres to your skin. This helps to smooth out wrinkles and lines, and increases the wear of makeup. Primer provides a nice smooth finish to apply makeup to and helps it stay place, All. Day. Long.  
When it comes to primers there are many different kinds. They can be tinted, for use on a specific skin type, such as for oily skin or dry skinThere are primers specifically for your eyes and lips and even a green tinted primer to help with redness. Primer should be should be applied after your moisturizer, but before makeup.   
I’ll highlight the most common and what they are used for: 

Hydrating primers are good to use on dry skin.  
Tinted or color corrected primers can help cover blemishes and even skin tone 
e.l.f. Mineral Infused Face Primer starts at around $6 and comes in a variety of shades for color correcting needs. 

Mattifying to control oil and shine 
If I had to choose a primer Cover FX Mattifying Primer with Anti-Acne Treatment, would be the one for me. I found this at Sephora for $38. I have been struggling with blemishes and acne from my last pregnancy and am working hard to heal and restore my skin. I was hesitant to use primer, but this one meets my all needs hands down! The ingredients are really what caught my attention are the ingredients I have to try this.

Uminescence to add sheen 
Some primers contain SPF for additional protection from the sun 
MAC Prep+Prime Natural Radiance combines luminescence and sunprotection This  gel primer that adds a little sheen while hydratin and controlling oil. $41 

The different types of primers can come in different forms like a gel, crème, powder, or mist. There are so many different types of primers. Find one that matches your skin care needs and give it a try. 

Concealer is used under foundation to even out skin tone by covering blemishes and discoloration. It is commonly used to cover the dark under eye circles.  For dark spots, it is advisable to use a shade of concealer about 2 shades lighter to your skin tone. When it comes to purchasing concealers, they come in many different forms but all have the same purpose: 
  • Liquid – most common 
  • Stick – Not recommended for acne prone skin, provides intense coverage 
  • Cream  Provides intense coverage 
  • Cream to Powder – recommended for combination skin 
  • Color Correcting – to even out skin tone  
Concealer is applied to trouble spots as a way to even out skin tone prior to your foundation application. Typically these are the area under our eyes and other blemishes. Apply in small amounts and blend to get the best results. – This video Kendra Richards demonstrates how to apply concealer. 
Concealers can be found in drugstores and makeup stores like Ulta and Sephora. 
If you are interested in concealer hacks, Cosmopolitan has a great article you can check out. 
 Primers and concealers help create a flawless makeup look by smoothing out lines and evening skin tone. Using primer as a base to apply your make up on helps it glide on smoothly and will give you a flawless all day look. I learned that I haven’t been using concealer right, heck I don’t even have the right shade and that I need to add primer to my beauty box.  
Chanel Boateng is amazing with makeup. Her video shows just what concealer can do! This video she gets extra glam, but watching her process you may learn something new. 
Before applying anything to your skin be sure you start with a clean and moisturized face for the best results. 

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