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bath bomb product review

Guys I have a new obsession...BATH BOMBS!  I don't know how the hell I became so obsessed with them, but I am.  I am in love with them, from the unique shapes, intriguing smells, but most of all the at home chemistry experiment when you drop one in the tub.  Just bonafide amazing.

What is a bath bomb you ask?  Well it's a combination of bath salts, oils, garnishments, and other dry ingredients that take form when wet, which actually originated from "bath fizzies".

I rarely ever take baths, but lately I have been yearning to for some much needed relaxation time and thought bath bombs would be the perfect additive to my at home spa treatment.

I decided to buy bath bombs from three different places, to get my feel on how each makes their bath bombs, what I like the best, and what I don't.  I first bought two bath bombs from Shea & CO (from a buyable pin).  I ordered Blue Blush (left) and Peppermint Fresh (right).  I loved the garnishment that both of these bath bombs had, and the only complaint was that Blue Blush was more grey than blue.

bath bombs

I was purely shocked, because I never witnessed this, how these bombs worked that is, and what I liked about Shea & CO's bombs was that they didn't fizz too slow or too quick.  Below is a video I took of the bomb "going off":

The second place I sampled bath bombs from was NY's Bathhouse (again from a buyable pin).  I had a few minor issues with this second purchase however.  First, I didn't receive my bath bombs for a month and a half.  Granted they are a small company and they did give me a free bath bomb for the inconvenience, but for someone who is really strict on getting their products on time, this could pose an issue.  Second, it was very hard for me to find the website or Facebook page.  Let's just say what I got when I typed in the name is not what I wanted to see!  Lastly, the "fizzing" ability was not as powerful.  I don't know if it's because of the size of the bombs or maybe because there wasn't enough ingredients to make the bomb go off, but the end result wasn't as satisfying as the one I had with Shea & Co.

 Last but CERTAINLY not least (and I don't know why I didn't go here first) I went to the infamous LUSH, the originator of the bath bomb.  As soon as I walked into LUSH my nose was filled with the most delicious scents.  My first visit I purchased Big Blue, Sunny Side, and The Comforter, which is actually a bubble bar.  A bubble bar has the same concept as a bath bomb but it makes a bubble bath for you where bath bombs do not, never knew that.

I have quickly learned that LUSH bath bombs are meant to be an experience, creating "bath tub" art and enjoying the view of your bath bombs and bubble bars create something you wouldn't think of when it comes to taking a bath.

Overall, LUSH is my best pick for many reasons including providing unique. creative, one of a kind and affordable products, and easy to locate whether it's on the web or in the store.  Shea & CO would be second, and then NY's Bathhouse.  I am eager to try new bath bombs to see how I like those (check out the ones I bought in the header pic) and to see if anyone else can compete with LUSH.

Have you tried some bath bombs or bubble bars lately? Drop a comment and let us know where!

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