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Raise your hand if you still have a 9-5 job?  If you're like me, then your hand should be high to the sky.  Yes I blog, and I feel like a fulltime blogger with the work I put into this site.  But I'm not one of the ones who has quit their job to pursue blogging as their true bread and butter.  As of now, my blog income is not what I rely on, and it isn't my only source of income.  I have a check I get from my job every Friday with the same amount of money for every week of the year (salary based).  That's what I use to pay my bills, plan activities for my daughter, and well...LIVE!

So if you're like me with blog income just dangling over there lonely and what not, what do you do with it?  A lot of people don't know.  However, I've compiled a few suggestions that will not only give purpose to that extra income, but put you in a better position financial wise as well:


Blog income is the easiest way to save.  For me, I am in the process of starting an emergency fund, and I was able to save within 2 weeks $388 from my blog income,  I simply transfer any money I get blog wise to my savings account (that's not linked to a checking/debit card) and it's there to build up, gain interest, and begin to form the savings I might need in the future.


Finding yourself trying to balance all of the bills you have with the money you earn from your 9-5 job? Well why not use your spare blog money and pay on the small bills you have, such as credit cards, insurance, or car note payments.  That way, you either free yourself up from bills all together or can focus on bigger bills you might have.


If you're constantly purchasing materials, supplies, or monthly subscriptions for your blog such as business cards, office supplies, etc, simply use your blog money.  It helps keep the expenses you have for your blog and how you pay for those seperate from your living espenses.


Whether business or personal, a few hundred dollars here and there can com in handy when it comes to paying for trips.  A few hundred, depending on where you book can pay for a round trip flight, a stay at a hotel, or spending money for dinners, Ubers, and attractions.

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