Blogger Insight: You Down with the Crew?

crazy lady crew

I'm lowkey laughing as I write this post because...we are funny as hell.  I told you guys via Instagram we had a lot of surprises in store following our new brand launch, from the new name to our new member, Just Bloggers: No Explanation has some shit up our sleeve.  Another surprise I'm stoked to share is our new web series "Crazy Lady Crew".  What is Crazy Lady Crew?  WHO is Crazy Lady Crew?  Well Crazy Lady Crew is us, Diamond, Aziza, and myself and it simply features the unfiltered side of how we roll.  Stemming from our group Facebook chat (actually called Crazy Lady Crew) we take to Snapchat and record our most hilarious moments.  It's filled with dirty jokes, profanity, but most of all best friends living life the way friends should.

Our first episode will premiere very soon, but until then check out our promo, as you can tell, the magic already bursts out when we get together so our promo is quite amusing!

Drop a comment, let us know what you think, and we'll keep you updated on when to check out the first episode!

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