Fashion & Style: Fashionable Resolutions for 2016!

fashionable resolutions 2016

Who told 2016 it could just creep up and come when it did?!  Well I am for one happy that the new year is here.  New year equals new opporuntities to re-invent yourself and your style.  Last year, we did our first attempt of fashionable resolutions for 2015, and honestly saying, most of these resolutions are definitely still relevant for the new year.  Let's take a look:

Don't be pressured into defining your style
This resolution is still at the top of my list.  I think to add to this, definitely don't be a "brand whore" in the sense of thinking if you only wear PINK, Michael Kors, Hermes belts, etc than that makes you "fashionable" because it really doesn't.  If you're going to be a brand whore, be one for a brand you truly like, no matter what the price point is.  If you can connect with the brand on that level, whatever you buy from said store will be considered fashionable.  I am a perfect example of this.  90% of my handbags come from ALDO.  Most of their bags are $60 or less, but I get compliments left, right, up, down, and I even have my mom trying to steal my purses from me.

Never be afraid to experiment with different styles, makeup, etc.
Still a definute yes!  Just like I stated last year, the worse you can do is not like a new blouse, lipstick, or pair of shoes, but the best that can happen is you pull off a new look!  Happened to me this weekend.  It was my first time wearing a green lipstick out in public (was rocking the Kat Von D "Plan D" (review coming soon)) and when I tell you I had a few females give me the sweetest compliments!  So point is, you never know how good you'll rock something until you just do it.

Know your must haves
Once again, always know what YOUR personal must haves/staple pieces are.  To anyone who can muster up the energy to dress up everyday, kudos to you, because I can't.  With work, grad school, this blog, my child, and other activites I participate in, I would literally kill myself trying to look fresh off the runway everyday.  So instead, I have my staples you won't catch me without, such as a bold lip, unique handbag, and of course my one of a kind glasses from Polette.

Capture the moment
Last year it was called "become your own selfie queen", but the idea is ultimately still the same. Capture the moment of your fav outfits so you can see how you evolve throughout the year.  And with apps such as Instagram and Snapchat, it's easy to snap, post, and let others admire your hard work.  Yes, your outfit is hard work!!!

Any fashionable resolutions you have for 2016? Drop a comment and share below!!!

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