Rants & Raves: Too Many Damn People

just bloggers no explanation the podcast

Come one, come all, and come listen!  Our podcast series is back up and running and our first/new episode is live!  To recap and bring everyone up to speed, first we were Chicctalk, then we were The Divulge, and now we're Just Bloggers: No Explanation, the Podcast.  We felt with our new brand launch it would be best to have everything under one uniformed entity.  So to anyone who has been rocking with us through these multiple name changes, THANK YOU!

without further ado, our newest episode is up and ready for you to listen to.  "Too Many Damn People" is simply our message to our readers and listeners on how the oversaturation of the fashion industry, and fashion blogging industry has driven us to create our new brand and new identity.

Sit back, listen, and then comment below and let us know what you think.  Also, make sure to follow us on Soundcloud and iTunes to stay up to date on our latest episodes and listen back on the old ones.


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