Blogger Insight: Get Organized for a Bomb Ass Blogging Year!

get organized

Many of our New Year's Resolutions were to have a set game plan for a better blogging year.  Well it's 2016...what's the hold up?  There shouldn't be!  In order to elevate your blog and expand in more ways you could imagine you HAVE to get serious.  So the first step to do so is to get organized.  Blogging is definitely a job whether you bring in income or not and in order to do your job effectively, you need to prepare yourself in more ways than one. If you're looking to get yourself "in check" when it comes to your blog and how to structure yourself to be a better blogger, here are some helpful tips to get you started!:


There's no other way to get organized unless some type of planning system. What I highly suggest over anything is to get a blogging binder/planner that includes an editorial calendar, social media management system, and various other tools one needs for better blogging.  I recommend the free printable from Blogger Babes or the Epic Blog 1 Year Editorial Planner

Invest in cloud/USB storage

If you're serious about blogging, after awhile your computer is going to be filled with all of your blogging material and if your laptop is like mine, you will run out of space sooner than later.  When that issue comes up, it's time to invest in storage.  For me, cloud storage is very easy to maintain, simply drag and drop what you want to transfer to sites such as One Drive (linked to a Hotmail or an Outlook account) or Google Drive.  Both One Drive & Google Drive offer 15GB of free space, but if you want to get an additional 100 GB of free space with One Drive click here or an additional 2 GB of free space with Google Drive click here (I did it, it's worth it).

If yoiu rather have access to your storage at the palm of your hands (literally) then an USB drive is the way to go.  We've all used them in school and it's the same concept.  Retailers such as Office Max carry fashionable USB products that go as high as 1 TB worth of memory.

Create folders for pics, drafts, etc

Once you have a central location of where you will keep your "blogging life", create folders to make it easier to work.  For us, we have a folder for stock photos, photos for current blog posts we're working on, videos that need to be edited, invoices, style guides, etc.

Clean out your email and start fresh!

This is a tip I stumbled upon while reading New Order by Faye Wolf (review coming soon) and it's a tip every blogger and creative should live by.  It's more than a month and a half into the new year, and as much as we want to save those hundreds or thousands of emails in order to respond back to, it's not worth it.  Instead of torturing yourself with sorting through what email is important, anything from January should be permanently deleted.  After that has been done, sort through the month and a half's worth of emails, put them in corresponding folders, and make it a priority to check your email at least once a day and get rid of what you don't need.  Also take this time to unsubscribe to email lists and block junk mail senders/

Have a set plan for the day

Having an idea in your mind of what you want to accomplish for the day helps you focus.  Whether you plan on the day beng all about social media, or editing posts for them to be scheduled, having a clear objective is the only way to be productive.

Want more blogging tips?  Be sure to check out our other posts to help and inspire you on your blogging journey!

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