Blogger Insight: How to Grow Your Instagram-The Non Expert Way


Why does everyone want to position themselves as an expert?  Everyone seems to be a "social media guru" or a "marketing extraordinaire".  And while I don't want to take credibility away from those who are "experts", I'm not, and don't ever want to be.  Instead, I rather share tips from the experience I've gained on this journey as a blogger rather than seem as if my way is the only sure fire way.  So allow me to introduce a new series we like to call "The Non Expert Series" (like the name?).  And to kick off our new segment, let's talk about social media, specifically Instagram.  Instagram is probably the most difficult social media site there is when it comes to gaining and keeping a consistent following.  So how does one do it or where does one even start?  Check out a few tips we compiled and that question will soon be answered:

Sync your Instagram with your Facebook

This should have been the first thing you did when you created an Instagram account.  But if not, it's never to late!  By syncing your Facebook contacts with your IG account you can already follow people you're connected to, which makes so much sense because these people already know who you are (interest wise) and will be more prompted to follow and like back.

Use hashtags!

Hashtags are what we use to help when we search and find stuff on IG.  When you use relevant hashtags the likes and followers will come!  So for a OOTD pic, use hashtags related to clothing, fashion, fashionista, etc.  Even use the company name you're showcasing as a hashtag!

Use your tag and location tools!

Whether you're showing a new lippie you bought or the new restaurant you're at, tagging the companies and putting on your location can help bring in new likes and followers, and maybe even get your post re-posted by the company.

Pick a day or two for engagement

This is important and something we need to work on ourselves.  Just like with blogging, engagement is something key when running an active and successful IG.  So pick two days that are good for you to not only like and comment on pics of people you follow and who like your pictures but also search your hashtags and like, comment, and follow people that you resonate with.

Consider investing in advertisement/promotion


If you use your IG as a business tool, then consider investing in promotion.  No I don't mean buy followers and likes, I mean buy to have a company promote you.  Just like you would buy ad space, you're essentially buying a "slot" on another person's IG account with more followers.  I recently tried this out to see if and how it would work.  @Fashionistaview (Shoutout Factory) has over 91k+ followers and receives 1,000+ likes on each picture they post.  They have packages from $19-$240 guaranteeing a certain amount of followers per package.  I purchased the "forever" package for myself and our blog and tested it out.  Sure worked.  Both of our pictures received 1,200+ likes and we received 1200-1500+ new followers within one night.  Even after a few days our followers are still in tact and growing each day.


You might have read somewhere else on those "cliche" sites other ways to grow your IG which I am not fond of, including:


I can't just use the same filter over and fucking over again.  Yes, our blog is mostly black and white, but if you can tell we post lots of pics to showcase the color in what we're wearing or in the products we buy, so posting in black and white all the time does not work.  However, picking a few filters that you already use the most is something I would suggest.


Guys, it's Instagram, not a damn magazine.  The initial thought behind Instagram was to capture what you were doing at that moment, and I doubt many of us have the time and energy to bring our professional cameras around and make each picture look like the next.  If anything, it takes the authenticity and personable attributes away from your profile.

I'm not an expert, and never want to be, so I think it's safe to say these tips are much more relatable than the rest, don't you agree?  By utilizing these simple and easy steps, your Instagram will start to grow faster than you expected it to!

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