Blogger Insight: March Photo Challenge!

march photo challenge

Happy Monday everyone!  I am sleepy...I am cold...and it really feels like a Monday to me.  So in spirit of promoting perkiness on a Monday we decided to gear up for our next photo challenge!

We did our first photo challenge in December and it turned out to be a hit!  In the month of March, we will do the same thing by challenging ourselves and our blog readers to post a different photo each day in March.  From food pics to selfies showing springtime cheer, this will be an engaging, easy, and FUN way to gain new followers and connect with the ones we already have!

The list will close February 26th and I will confirm the list before February 28th on who's participating.  On March 1st 12:15pm CST everyone will post the challenge pic and tag every blogger participating, encouraging other bloggers and followers to follow and participate with us as well!

Any questions?  Email me at and we hope to see you on the Instagram trail!

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