Fashion & Style: Trendy Eyewear for Half the Price! (+ Giveaway!)

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For any and everyone who has asked "hey where did you get your glasses?" this post is for you!  If you guys didn't know I've been wearing glasses since I was in kindergarten.  Thanks to the "healthy" genes of my dad, I have shitty eye sight.  Once I got into high school and college I told myself that I wasn't walking around with old lady glasses, and I made it my mission to always have a stylish pair of glasses on me at all times.

One day I so happened to be chatting with a fellow blogger and learned of Polette, the revolutionists when it comes to trending, unique, and AFFORDABLE eye wear.  The fact is, they're geared towards people like me, online entrepreneurs, creatives, fashion lovers, and trend setters. Glasses have become so much more than an utilitarian item, and more so of a fashion statement, and that's what they cater to.

With Polette, you can get up to 80% off on your frames (including the lenses) and for me that's a steal!

Normally, going through my eye doctor, I would pay between $200-$300 for frames and lenses (and that included insurance and our friends & family discount we received).  With Polette, I can get a pair of glasses for under $110, including my high prescription and the highest UV protection they have available...yep, no lie.  With Polette, you can get designer frames from $6.99-$49.99 with anti-scratching, anti reflective lenses from $9.99-$75.

If you're someone who doesn't need glasses, but merely wants them as an accessory, you can get a pair of frames for as little as $10 with the look and feel of something that cost way more!

So because I love you guys oh so much, and because I truly love the products Polette has and what they stand for, we're doing a giveaway!

One lucky reader will win a free pair of glasses, including lenses if need be!  This is how to enter:

YOU MUST comment on this post with a link to your favorite pair of glasses from Polette (this is mandatory).

After you completed step one above, choose any other entry option to increase your chances of winning, such as liking Polette on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or following us as well!

Winner will be selected on Feb. 27th and you will work with our lovely rep from Polette to get your prize!  Any questions?  Email us at and good luck, contest starts at 1pm CST!

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