Blogger Insight: DIY Photography Background

diy photography background

This might not be a new trick but it is to me, and if it is to me, it is to someone else so of course I had to share.  Thinking, contemplating, and looking through pics I wanted to find ways to enhance my phtoography, and the easiest way to do so is with the scenary and background of your pics.  But imma be all the way 100, I'm not living in a house with marble every fucking where, I'm just not.  And I also know that all white backgrounds can get real boring real quick.  So what to do?

diy photo background
Well this might be the most creative yet inexpensive way to make your photos POP.  Go to Home Depot or your local hardware store that sells flooring.  Go to the kitchen and/or bathroom tile aisle and pick from any squares you choose.  With kitchen and tile flooring, if you didn't know, they sell them by the squares, from $1-$12+.  And that's it, these small squares are excellent for product shots (like makeup)
 and other compact shots.  I'm telling you, 
best investment.  I bought four tiles for 
$12 and I interchange them like clockwork.

Remember, don't need to spend a lot of money to create quality photos, it's all about finding those tips and tricks and creative hacks!