Makeup: Find That Dupe "Purple Rain"

find that dupe

You guys know what time it is, it's Find That Dupe time!  Let me first start off by saying being a "hoarder" can have its benefits.  If I didn't have my collection of lippies (200+ to estimate) I would have never discovered my purple rain trio.  If you're looking for a gloss/lip cream in a vibrant, electrifying color such as purple, then look no further!

find that dupe just bloggers no explanationfind that dupe just bloggers no explanation

Pictured above are 3 great lippies I highly recommend anyone to use.  The first is PLUMVITAL by Lipland.  Lipland Cosmetics is a company I discovered on Pinterest and I loved their products from first site and first touch.  Plumvital is apart of their creme gloss line, and this product can definitely be used as a lipstick because of how much the color shows up, it doesn't feel or look like you're applying a lipgloss.  For $14.99, you received a nice size tube, and it's definitely worth the money.  Now if you don't want to spend $15 on a lip gloss then I suggest our second option, BERRY STRUDEL.

Berry strudel is apart of Nyx Cosmetic's "Intense Butter Gloss" line, and just like with Lipland's creme gloss, it applies like a liquid lipstick (peep my pic above).  This is a great alternative to Lipland with the same color payout, if not better, and it's only $5.99, available online, at ULTA, and other select drugstores.

If you're STILL looking for something a bit cheaper, you're in luck!  Our last option we have is COY by L.A. Girl.  Everyone knows L.A. Girl and it's affiliate brands as being the affordable yet quality choice when it comes to makeup products, and their lip paints exceed this standard.  Priced at $3.50 you get the exact same formula and color payout as you would with the Nyx Intense Butter Gloss, so if you're money is a little funny, L.A. Girl is your best bet.

Well there you have it, your complete purple rain guide for each price point.  Stay tuned for more "Find That Dupe" segments and comment below on any colors or brands that you wamt us tp dupe!