Makeup: Lippie Review with Makeup Monsters!


Pinterest & Google are my best friends, I use these two to search for anything and everything new, especially when it comes to looking for new lip products to try out.  And while searching on Google I came across my new FAVORITE cosmetic line, Makeup Monsters!  Makeup Monsters, like many companies, are a cruelty free and vegan cosmetic brand based out of Washington designed to provide comfortable and long lasting products, and they aren't lying!  Like this is my favorite over Nyx's 
and you guys know how I love my Nyx.


If you're familiar with Jeffree Star's Velour Liquid Lipstick, then you'll love Makeup Monster's packaging on their matte liquid lipstick.  Clear almost crystal like tubing enclosed around fun colors, their tubes are lightweight and portable to pack in a clutch but holds a lot of product to it.


$15.95 which to me isn't a bad price at all.  Again you get a lot of product for what you're paying for and compared to brands such as MAC who's liquid lipstick costs more but the quality or amount you're getting doesn't compare to Makeup's worth every penny.


Oh god there are so many colors!!! And I don't just mean those basic nudes, reds, blah blah, I mean stunning, vibrant shades such as violet, plum, and lime!  Not only are the colors bold and fun, the wear of these lippies are everything you want and need.  I wore one out to run errands, and didn't have to re apply once in a 4 hour duration, and that included me smashing some Chipotle in the process.

makeup monsters
From left to right: Cyclone, Backlash, Purpetrate, & Surge

Makeup Monsters is definitely among my favorite brands, getting 5 stars out of 5!!!  I highly recommend them and I definitely believe they are worth trying!

 If you love Makeup Monsters as much as we do comment below and drop a selfie of you in one of their signature shades!  Or better yet post on IG and make sure to use the hashtags #makeupmonsters #werejustbloggers #lippiecartel