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kendrick lamar

As I sat on Facebook, lurking and slipping into my slumber I see a green screen with "Kendrick Lamar" above it.  Anyone who knows me well knows this man is my husband in my mind.  Yes he may be engaged to his high school sweet heart of 10+ years but in my own delusional world, I am Mrs. Duckworth, so to no one's surprise, a status containing his name immediately woke me up and struck my interest.

untitled unmastered.
Posted by Kendrick Lamar on Thursday, March 3, 2016

Low and behold, I see that my baby, Mr. Duckworth, decided to drop a surprise album...Untitled Mastered, tracks made in 2013 and 2014 in preparation of the best work of his (in my eyes), "To Pimp A Butterfly".  Again, this is coming from a female who claims herself as his wife and has anything he has ever created in album form and downloaded on her phone.  Not to mention I've loved him ever since his "K Dot" the thirst is REAL!

Untitled is all it is, 8 untitled tracks with dates of origination and nothing else.  Not an album, but a project as my Mr Mr considers it is available on iTunes, Spotify, & Tidal (let's see how long they last) and you already know I have this on repeat in my office.

Have you downloaded "Untitled Mastered"?

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