Rants & Raves: In a World Where Trump CAN be President

presidential election 2016

I never thought I would be morbidly terrified of living where I do, not in the sense of safety, but in the sense of my basic rights as an "American" not being respected, and yet I have this constant fear of that very idea each and every time I hear Donald Trump speak...it's revolting. Yet no one wants to believe me when I say this man has a STRONG chance of becoming our next President (he's currently ahead in the Republican Party).

To say the least, I honestly don't know what Donald Trump believes in, on the 5 main issues each candidate is asked about (immigration, abortion, guns, foreign policy, and taxes) it seems as if someone gave him the typical "republican" answer to say.  He comes off as a dictator, a bigot, but most of all, a big ass idiot in the sense of politics (not to mention he is full of himself), but when you have billions of dollars and come from a long line of wealth...all that flies out the window.

And to top it off... most (not all) of his supporters are brained washed black people (including Mike Tyson and Chingy) and racists white people who have been caught on camera wearing shirts saying "Make America White Again" and harassing black citizens at a Trump Rally.
hilary clinton 2016

And yet, we still don't have a fighting chance as Hilary Clinton fronts as leader and top dog according to the numbers but I'm not confident with her either.  I don;t genuinely believe her position because...well it's not genuine.  She has re-nigged (in our language) on views she previously had and her original "first female president" ploy is beyond outplayed ever since the first election she ran in.  Frankly, I believe she still plays off the popularity of her husband, and that's going to fuck her over whether she does get elected or not.

bernie sanders

The only person I'm actually confident in and comfortable with to lead this country is Bernie Sanders.  From his views on free education for the little ones to us big kids, and helping the ones who already earned degrees with our student loans, to bringing his experiences of fighting for civil rights to the forefront with addressing issues such as gun violence and police brutality....there's no other choice.

The only problem is, not enough of us are voting.  Far too many of us believe we're only suppose to vote when we're deciding on who are next President will be but ask yourself this, how do we even get to that point of deciding who TRULY runs for President?  It's called the Primary's.

Each state has their Primary Election where it's decided for that state what candidate will run for each party.  These "winners" will be announced at the convention and will continue to run against each other until the Presidential Election in November where it's decided who will be our next President.

So to all my readers this is what I want you guys to do, for anyone in the following states:


Please make sure to hit your local polling center tomorrow and VOTE!  I can't stress how important this is.  For everyone else, definitely Google when your Primary election is to be held and do what you need to do to get your voice heard. This could be the difference between true change and a dictatorship lead by a badly tanned oompa loompa...your choice.