Lippie Review: KA'OIR Kashmir Matte Liquid Lipstick!

KA'OIR Kashmir Matte Liquid Lipstick

KA'OIR Kashmir Matte Liquid Lipstick
Hey guys!  We're back again for another lippie review, and today we're reviewing these beautiful Kashmir Matte Liquid Lipsticks by KA'OIR.  Now you're probably saying to yourself that name sounds quite familiar, and that's because she's the girlfriend of Gucci Mane himself who has not only built a successful makeup line but also has her own clothing and fitness line as well.  I've heard of her products in the past but just never got around to looking more into it and last week decided to see what all the hype was about!

Each of these matte liquid lipsticks comes in a spiral glass tube which is really cool but it's small enough to stick in your purse or even your pocket for on the go access, the packaging was actually one of the features that prompted me to buy these lippies.

These lippies are $17.99 which can be compared to many other popular brands such as MAC or DOSE.  I will say however it doesn't seem as if there is that much product in the tubing (as stated above the tube is quite compact) and compared to other brands such as Makeup Monsters, they seem to have less product for the same type of liquid for $2 more, but this is something you need to see and decide on for yourself.

KA'OIR Kashmir Matte Liquid Lipstick
From left to right: Storm, Coco Loco, Cloudy, Denim, & Lollipop

The formula of these lippies are quite good, creamy and dries to a matte finish but not drying on the lips in a bad way.  They're also long lasting, 48 hour time span to be exact! Depending on how you like your colors, however, these colors are very flat, but again this will depend on the person.  I like them because these are my go to colors for when I need something to wear to work or to run a few errands, not too over the top or bright.  Again, if you're looking for lippies with a bright and poppin' hue, try Makeup Monsters.

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All in all these are great lippies to add to your collection.  If you're all about matte lipsticks and liquid lipsticks, then these are your go to's for your needs!

Have you tried KA'OIR's Kashmir Matte Liquid Lipsticks?  How did you like them?  Better yet drop a selfie below rocking those lippies so we can see!