Blogging 101: How to Juggle Your Blog With Life Priorities

How to Juggle Your Blog With Life Priorities

Kevin Gates had to be lyin' or popped a molly when he made his song "I don't get tired" because baaaaaaby when I tell you I am one exhausted momma!  From my 9-5 job, to my blog, to grad studies, being a mommy, and everything else in between it can get really hard.  Hard in the sense of getting a grip on everything needed to be accomplished in life.  From major tasks to small priorities, busy bloggers like myself experience the true struggle of balancing blog life and personal life.  And the question is...well how the hell do you do it!  I'm not here to give you a sure fired method, you know that's not me, but I am going to share with you some helpful tips I personally believe will help you tremendously restore the order and balance you need in life:

Get an AMAZING planner!

In order to know everything that is going on in your busy life, personal and blog wise, you need a bomb ass planner.  No, I don't mean those skimpy planners from the Dollar Tree, I mean a planner that can keep yo ass in check even in your sleep!  Among the masses, Erin Condren's planners seem to be among the favorite, as well as Create 365.  Target has many fashionable planners that do the trick as well, and Walmart has some too (the good Walmarts)

Set aside designated time

This is something I had to learn how to do.  I tend to think about things way more than I should and think about multiple things at the same time.  Designating time for each of your priorities, such as work, school, kids, blog work, etc will not only keep you in check, but help you only focus on one thing at a time.

How to Juggle Your Blog With Life Priorities

Utilize key software/apps

A planner simply won't keep you in line, there are an array of other apps and software you need in order to keep the wheels of your busy life wagon going such as:

-Alarm clock (to wake you up and set times for each priority)
-Google Drive/One Drive (for storing your documents and pictures)
-Microsoft Office (good for essays and drafting blog posts as well as other key features)
-Editorial Calendar (to keep your blog posts on track)
-Social Media Management App (i.e. Hootsuite)
-Asana (a free workflow management system)


You're a human, not a robot, you are not design to go on for hours and hours and hours.  Robots even need to charge up, so schedule time for yourself to relax, whether that's taking a much needed nap, playing a mindless game of Sims, or just sitting in the bathtub and reading a good book, do something for yourself that doesn't consist of work.

Realize everything won't get done in a day

Unfortunately there aren't enough hours in the day and you won't be able to accomplish nearly enough that you want.  With that being said, prioritize your to do list and get done the most important things first.  Whatever you don't get done one day, make those tasks your top priorities the next day.

Being the bomb ass bosses we are takes a lot of effort and as I said before it can be hard and sometimes stressful, so I hope these tips not only will relieve some of that stress but also will help you implement a way for you to manage your life in an easier way!

What do you do to help keep your blog and life priorities in check?  Comment below and let us know!  And be sure to sign up for our blogging studio below!