Rants & Raves: This Week's Headlines

This Week's Headlines...

love and hip hop houston
Love & Hip Hop: Houston

The ratchet bafoonery just keeps expanding across the states as announcements were made that Love & Hip Hop will now have a Houston cast base, featuring names such as
Kirko Bangz (drank in my cup mf), Jhonni Blaze, Meghan James (first from Bad Girls Club, then Basketball Wives (go figure)) and other people I and many other have never even heard of.  But the killer part is, the show hasn't even aired yet and the drama has already started.  Apparently there was an altercation including Jhonni Blaze and another cast mate during a club outing a couple of days ago...but I mean what do you really expect?

presidential election 2016
Presidential Primaries 2015

For anyone who was waiting for someone to yell "SURPRISE" at this whole presidential election, well I'm sorry...it's not happening.  As the presidential primaries have passed, with Donald Trump as the only Republican candidate and Hilary Clinton already securing the number of delegates she needs, it looks like we're straight out of fucking options...who's ready to hit Denmark with me?  Free education!


orlando mass shooting

Probably the worst US mass shooting to ever occur, there are a feared 50 dead among a greater number injured after a shooter opened fire at Pulse, a gay night club early Sunday morning in Orlando.  It is said that the shooting occurred around 2am, around the club's closing time and that the shooting was planned and calculated for that time.  Motives for the attack are unknown as the shooter was in fact killed by police on the scene, but there is probable cause that the shooter had ties to Islam, and in fact was born in NY to Afghan parents.

The mayor of Orlando has declared a state of emergency and there is a great need for blood donors for the wounded victims of the attack.

The death toll is assumed to rise as police begin to clear out the club and due to the high amount of critically ill victims who are awaiting blood donors at this moment.  Prayers most definitely up for any and everyone involved in the shooting.

That's this weeks headlines.  Drop a comment and let us know what you think.