Rants & Raves: This Week's Headlines


When You Divorce a Basketball Player

Hunny, let me find me a basketball player one time for the one time and divorce his ass.  Y'all know I'm kidding but for Malaysia Pargo, after years of infidelity, her divorce from NBA player Jannero Pargo has been finalized
, and saying she hit it big is an understatement.  What she will receive from the divorce is half of her ex's NBA pension, retirement money from the NBA, and his 401k plan, $14,580 per month in child support and $800 in child care, keep her 2015 Mercedes Benz G55, and ownership of 3 Beats, LLC.  Girl gone head!!!!

Christians Can Cuss Too

Speaking of basketball players, apparently Steph Curry showed his ass (in a good way in my opinion) by throwing a mouth guard that accidentally hit a fan and cussing out the referee.  Wonder what the good Christians will say about this (begins to laugh extra loud)

More on the Orlando Mass Shooting

As details start to service over the motives behind the deadly Orlando Mass shooting, detectives have uncovered some crucial details.  It seems that during the shooting, Mateen had exchanged texts during to his wife, Noor Salman, asking her if she had seen the news.  She exchanged "I love you" and tried calling him during his stand off with police.  It is uncertain if Salman was involved as she is cooperating with police, but it is being said that charges are likely to be brought against Salman as she is providing conflicting stories, making it seem as if she was involved.  We will definitely be following this story, and our prayers are will the LGBT community in Orlando

via CNN.

On a lighter note, the new season of Orange is the New Black and Finding Dory are premiering today!  I know what I'm doing this weekend!