Blogger Insight: #BBUPowerHour is HERE!


Guys, I haven't shared the good news with you (bad AK).  But I recently became the Regional Director of Black Bloggers United for Saint Louis!!!!

As a black blogger, especially in Saint Louis, you know how epic this is.  We finally have a place to call our own, build a community, network and collab with bloggers like ourselves!

More importantly, we're apart of a group that expands over 6 cities regionally, and one city internationally (we have a Regional Director in Botswana!).  So even though our group is still growing, we are already connected with over 300 members!

Something that we have going on that I'm really excited about is our #BBUPowerHour sessions.  Have you ever heard of an "accountability partner"?  Well basically that's someone who makes sure you get your shit done!  They're also there to bounce ideas back and forth and to collab as well!  I myself have two permanent accountability partners (my team) but there are many bloggers out there who don't have that support system, which is why #BBUPowerHour was created!

6 cities, 6 places for you to come and join us!  For those of you who will be joining me in Saint Louis, we will be meeting at Coffee Cartel (CWE) at 12pm.  I STRONGLY encourage anyone who is coming to bring their laptops, tablets, planners, notebooks, business cards, cameras, and whatever else you need!  I will probably stay afterwards if anyone wants to do a few pictures in the CWE that you can use on your site!

Make sure to check out Black Bloggers United and see what we're all about, and to RSVP for the power hour, just click here!

See you all then!

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