Blogger Insight: Niche's Are For Scared B*tches-A Look Inside Our New Workshop!

ditch the niche

Niche's....are for scared, conformed b*tches.

Ok I wouldn't say it like that, but forreal like get honest...why identify who you are in a small ass niche?

If you've been rocking with us from the jump then you know who we use to be, fashion bloggers.  And while fashion bloggers may rule the just wasn't for us anymore.  We didn't feel like identifying SOLELY with an over-saturated niche...that's not who we are.

And after thinking long and hard...we didn't feel like we needed to identify with ANY particular niche.  So, we became one of the only PURPOSELY branded NICHELESS blogs on the market!

We did this for 3 reasons:

ONE-we do what we damn well you not know who we are?
TWO-we don't want to feel restricted with the content we choose to give
THREE-we wanted to prove to those "blogging experts" that you can very well be successful and come off as ORGANIZED without identifying a niche

And with that...comes our BRAND NEW WORKSHOP!


Ditch the Niche is our one of a kind workshop that teaches you how to let go of those bullshit ideas on having to choose a niche, be confident that you can produce whatever you want and target to MULTIPLE audiences, and BE BRAVE enough to go against the norm and develop your own rules when it comes to blogging!

Our workshop will launch May 6th and we can't wait to share what we have in store, including the possibility of pop up workshops in a city NEAR YOU!

Sign up for our course here, we're be dropping sneak peeks until the launch date givng you a glimpse of what to expect!

What we also want to do is open up the opportunity for any questions you may have so we can tailor this experience to your needs!  So if you have any questions regarding nicheless blogging, hit us up in the comments or email at!